As a family business, we have been a value-driven company where people play a central role from the start. We love our profession and want to be not only the best in it, but also the most client-oriented. This means that we always strive to add optimal value for you.

As a company, we are at the heart of society and make a sustainable contribution to it. Providing value for our clients and the world in which we live is an important part of our identity. It ensures that every day we do our work with pleasure and satisfaction.


Our vision is that by being the most client-oriented partner organisation in profile solutions, we achieve global market leadership.

This vision makes our colleagues a close-knit team and ensures that we are always sharp on the ball in the competition. With our client-oriented approach and creativity, we work for the success of our clients all over the world. In addition, we seek long-term sustainable collaboration, in which we can add value by working together.

Mission and core values

Our mission is as follows: “We relieve our clients of their concerns by creatively developing, producing, organising and distributing high quality system solutions with profiles together with them.”

At KS Profiel, we work every day on this task that we have set ourselves. This has helped us arrive to where we are today: as a worldwide supplier of profile solutions. This is where we continue to develop because the world around us is changing. The technological possibilities are increasing, our client’s demands are changing with the world in which they operate. We are growing along with them and remain competitive, because there is always room for improvement.

Our core values guide the way in which we do our work and how we, as a company, position ourselves in the world.

We offer our clients total solutions in profiles. We can do this because we are working closely together to find out what is behind the question. In this way, we can relieve you of your concerns as a client and give you the solution that you really need.

Please contact us

We would like to get to know you and your challenges and think along OR on your side with you to come up with the right solutions. Please contact us and share your project needs!