Profile Solutions

The spectrum of applications for profile solutions is very wide. KS Profiel delivers complex warehouse systems to single roll-formed standard profiles. Your request is fundamental.

Are you looking for solid profiles with sufficient load-bearing capacity for roofs or floors or lighter profiles for gutters, installations or guide rails? We deliver them to you; the possibilities are endless. Our strength lies in the customisation of our products. Together with you, our R&D department develops profile solutions, from a single customised profile to a fully complementary system.

Customised profiles

Our strength lies in providing innovative tailor-made profile solutions. In close cooperation with you, we can develop tailor-made profiles for your specific project. Having broad expertise in the industry and in-depth knowledge of steel, our R&D-engineers design individual profile solutions that are completely tailored to your application. Think of, inter alia, material saving designs, smart click and bolted connections and coupling systems. This means that less assembly material is required and you can build faster: saving time and money. Pleasecontact one of our sales consultants to discuss your individual requirements.

Profile systems

For compete construction projects or sub-projects, our engineers can work in collaboration with you to develop profile systems based on your specific wishes and requirements. We design and produce these customised profile systems for you, including the connections tailored to your project. As a partner in your project, we arrange everything from design to production and logistics. Pleasecontact one of our sales consultants to discuss your project requirements.

Standard and standard plus profiles

We deliver a wide range of standard and standard plus profiles that can be used in a variety of ways. This range includes the L, U, C, Sigma, Omega and Z profiles. Depending on the application and your specific needs, we can deliver these profiles in any preferred steel quality. In addition, we can provide them with the required hole patterns, reductions or incisions during roll-forming, so that you can mount them quickly and easily. Would you like to know which standard profile is best suited for your project? Pleasecontact us directly; our sales consultants will be happy to help you.

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We would like to get to know you and your challenges and think along OR on your side with you to come up with the right solutions. Please contact us and share your project needs!